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The New Better You

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Revolutionize your Look

Revolutionize your Look

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Care for your Skin

Care for your Skin

Get rid of unwanted hair permanently with laser
Treatment(s) & Procedure(s)

Treatment(s) and Procedure(s)


Fruit Acid Peels

Procedure which improves the texture of the skin by controlled exfoliation of the damaged outer layers of the skin using Fruit Acids. These peels are used not only for the face but can be used to ...
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Skin Tags & Warts Removal

Skin Tags / Warts Removal using Radio-Frequency Ablation Skin tags are overgrowth of the skin mostly over face, neck and axilla (underarms) Wart is a viral infection which is contagious an...
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Acne Scar Reduction

Acne Scars gives an unsightly look to the Face.         Microneedling or Dermaroller Treatment It is a procedure done using hand held instrument with tiny needles which
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Hair Loss Solutions

There are different stages of hair loss. In Indian culture, there are several myths that are prevalent for hair loss. Hair loss is irreversible process; though hair transplantation can address the con
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  In this scorching heat, tanning is bound to happen. Tanning is a protective mechanism of the body to protect from the harmful UV rays of the sun by deposition of melanin produced by mela...

5 Ways To Prevent Prickly Heat This Summer

  Prickly heat or more commonly called Ghamoriyan is the most prevalent skin condition during summers. In medical terms it’s called Miliaria which means millet like grains according to its...

What Our Patients Say?

I'm visiting Dr.Meenu from last few months and i have seen tremendous changes in my skin since then. She is extremely talented doctor and give very personalized treatments. She listen to your problems very patiently and give the treatments which are actually required for your skin. I have recommended her name to my friends as well and all are very satisfied with her treatment. I would definitely recommend Dr.Meenu to everyone. Thanks, Much Love Ritika  
-Ritika Garg (June 2016)
If you are looking for a doc who would lend you an unconditional listening ear, she's the one...Same goes for for the healing touch...My treatment with her was a successful retreat ...Full marks...!!  
-Supriya Prasher (May 2016 )
Doctor Meenu is a nice doctor, who is very well aware of what she says. She is a woman of few words and speaks very little. She is very straight forward as well, will tell you your problems as it is. She is more compassionate towards patients. And very professional. Her treatment works very well of course. Treatment, doctor, cleanliness, everything is good and I would highly recommend it to all.  
-Priyanka Singh (May 2016)
Doctor with depth knowledge and get quick result. As I was so upset just because of my skin problem .i visit to many doctors but not satisfied after many appointments, after few months one of my friend suggest me to visit Dr. Meenu Clinic, when i visit there i was thinking it will not work also as i was so disappointed with doctors appointments, but finally after few days i start feeling improvement in my skin, thanks to Dr. Meenu . Really great doctor must visit if you are frustrated with doctors never ending appointments.
-Avi Sri (May 2016)
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